What are Phrasal Verbs?

Phrasal verb is the name given to an English verb which is composed of two or three words. One verb is combined with a preposition (like on, in, under) or an adverb (like up, down, away). Sometimes a phrasal verb can have a meaning that is very different to the meaning of at least one of those two or three words separately. Some text books call these verbs multi-word verbs. Phrasal verbs are used more frequently in everyday speech than in formal, official writing or speaking.

Here are some examples:

To Tell Off
Carolina told me off when she found out I was gossiping about her date with Martin.
To Chop Up
He chopped the meat up into little pieces.
To Wind Up
If he doesn't get his act together, he is going to wind up in jail.
To Have On
Do you have your hiking boots on?
To Come To
Don't worry! she faints all the time! She always comes to after a few minutes.