What are Phrasal Verbs?

Phrasal verb is the name given to an English verb which is composed of two or three words. One verb is combined with a preposition (like on, in, under) or an adverb (like up, down, away). Sometimes a phrasal verb can have a meaning that is very different to the meaning of at least one of those two or three words separately. Some text books call these verbs multi-word verbs. Phrasal verbs are used more frequently in everyday speech than in formal, official writing or speaking.

Here are some examples:

To Nose Around
I hate it when my mother noses around my room.
To Cut Out
He cut the bone out of the steak.
To Kick Back
After work, I like to kick back in front of the tv and relax.
To Get Along With
Giovanna doesn't get along with her two brothers.
To Write Out
He wrote out the lyrics so I could understand what the singer was saying.